A true teacher at heart, Joanna believes that the best real estate transfers come from well-informed real estate clients. She makes a point to sit down and thoroughly explain what buyers and sellers can expect in this very exciting, yet complicated time in their lives. 

While Joanna most enjoys working with first-time home buyers, "holding their hands" through the process of buying their first homes, she also loves guiding experienced home owners in the preparation and selling of their homes, as well as working with savvy real estate investors to find great ways to make their money work harder for them through real estate investments. 

In Joanna's words, "My absolute favorite part of this job, hands down, is when I take a client who has been searching for that 'perfect home' into a property and they have an involuntary reaction to it- like a gasp or cover their heart- as they view the property in awe. That's when I know we've found 'home.'



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